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Giveon Lyrics

“TIME” by Giveon was released on September 23 2022, as the first official soundtrack off the highly anticipated film “Amsterdam” read the original lyrics to ‘Time' below.

Giveon – Time Lyrics

Verse 1
The time
We had together
A time
When all things were better
All of those moments
May have gone too soon
They meant so much

I never knew
For only now
Can I truly see
How much that time with you
That time shaped me
So even though
I was unaware

I wanna say thank you
For the time we shared

Verse 3
The time
When all things were better
Will stay with me
For as long as I remember
So much I have done
Has withered away
But never these memories
I cherish today

How could I have known
Just how strong they could be?
They changed my life
In ways I can't believe
In those moments
We'll stay forever

And so I thank you
For the time we had together

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