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Dremo Lyrics

‘s “Thieves In Uniform” was released in 2020, to bring awareness to police brutality in Nigeria, read the lyrics to “Thieves In Uniform” below.

Thieves In Uniform Lyrics

– Thieves In Uniform Lyrics

Thieves in Uniform

When this police brutality go stop (stop)
The government don't give a f**k
We dey try avoid the police anytime we commot (commot)
I pray we never run out of luck (Amen)
Cos in every check point
If you carry dreadlocks then something must occur
Or if you carry big car
They'll be pointing fingers
Dem go talk sey make you Stop, Park, Inner light

They start to yarn like they want you to fight
Snatch your phone like they got every right
But when you react
Dem will say you disrespected a police officer
They wan make you sleep cell over night
Or make call to your guy to bail you
If you no get enough money for hand (true yarns)

Or if you go do gra gra with a twinkle of an eye
Another man down (Gunshot)
You can never trust Sars with a gun
A de le trust ole pelu ibon
So the difference is not really much
Dem just be armed robbers in uniform
Dem no dey try protect us (protect us)
They only tryna extort us (extort us)
The government won't even say a word (FEM)
Not until their family dey involved

Its so sad mehn its so sad
So many dreams cut short cos of one gunshot
Mane we end Sars sharp all this shi*t gaz stop
How can your first check point be your last busstop (Damn!)
Its so sad mehn its so sad
Rest in peace to the young lads
So #PoliceBrutality and #EndSars
We go gaz fight back to win this combat

So fuck the Police, So fuck the Police , So fuck the Police
Make una #ENDSARS, Make una #ENDSARS, Make una #ENDSARS
I, I no wan make people die
Or these families to cry
All we need is peace of mind)

So fuck the Police, So fuck the Police , So fuck the Police
Make una #ENDSARS, Make una
(I, …)

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