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Sarkodie Lyrics

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– Landlord Lyrics

Shit is amazing I still got it
Mehn am so addicted to winning it's like a habit
You don't think is magic, you want me to pull a rabbit?
Long fucking journey my people now think about it
I started rapping when all you niggas were stuck in the womb
Nfie opepepee still the highest in the room
I got to take a break don't worry I'm coming soon
Time biaa y3 se me ho atwamu biaa then boom

It's not an easy road, I thank God
I put in a lot of work so they call me the landlord (Yes)
The position I play I can't talk
Am a big bro got to help niggas who can't walk
I'm the biggest inspiration to your favourite rapper
I ain't trying to cocky face it I do it proper
I heard the young champ is hurt am sorry
But any time the highest all you need is just a Marker
Grab an autograph and get the fu*k out
I ain't gotto shake your hand so you can walk out

And so you know it's not me you fighting your own
Maybe a couple things you gat to sort out
See, I ain't got no pride to reach out to nobody
I love that nigga your is so baggy
Imma be the biggest hypocrite acting like I don't cap
Cos we all do, it's like am crashing my own party

Don't get it twisted am still a fan
But don't you get carried away am still the man
I never reached out hommie but I know what you doing
Such a smart ass touching the god is part of the plan

That shit is old but still work
This like Jay responding to
This the price to pay when you swallow the pill first
Again am sorry just in case you still hurt
Lack of knowledge my people perish
Politics ne reality what do you cherish
Nana toaso I believed it when I said it
‘Cause free education boa me so yeah
It deserve some credit
But as soon as some people heard it
Turned into politics fabricating propaganda
Opposition de spread it

I ask myself if I regret it
Naa if they wanna kill me then am ready
Now back to the main topic
Anka menkasa but damn I said fuck it
I only speak when I'm moved I'm like a prophet
Nipa b3 br3 nanso aban no benya ho profit
So ehne will you people stop it
Obiaa obo kronoo biaa politician na kyer3 no skills

At3mdide3 no fri gyimie nti berma ka wano
Fon no tomu na opposition na tua wo bills
So now tell me how it feels
Abato no baa b3 so y3 de agwamo b3 gye me vote
Y3 b3 whe t shirt aba b3 pa mo ky3 wo odi
Nkunimaa wako oko gye ne v8 awhe ne coat
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