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Uses Of Those Different Menus On ATM Machine And How To Operate Them
By on September 19th, 2021. CN Research

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Today, we have come to rescue a lots of people from ATM Machine depression and to teach you or guide you through on uses Of Those Different Menus On ATM Machine And How To Operate Them.

The ATM machine seems very difficult in operation to some people, yes I understand the fact that many where not born in a civilized society, so the only you to help such generation is by giving them a guide on how to operate this automatic set up machine.

When ever you want to withdraw, looking at the machine screen you will see different options on it, that’s the reason we have to put on this article in other to make you understand and how you can handle them successfully without any further help from anyone. The ATM machine gives you the opportunity to take out cash from the system using your card, the process has already been set, all you need to do is learn how to operate them, and this is something you will as well learn today if you don’t know how to.

Although an starting with one first, but also understand this simply method that every bank has there different ATM Machine set menu, so the way I may list it according to the ones I know my seem not to meet up with your thoughts or the one you have already known, but all I want you is to understand and know how make use of it successfully.

Uses Of Those Different Menus On ATM Machine And How To Operate Them.

Immediately you arrived at the ATM machine spot, what you are allowed to do at first place is for you to insert your card into the ATM machine and wait a minute why the process roll up, after that what will be a display of different options on the screen depending what exactly you want to do.

According to my own screen here, the first option may appears to be “Withdrawal” depending on your bank and ATM Machine set up, that means our first discussion here is the withdrawal.

1. Withdrawal:-

After following all the explained details above you Will arrived at a point on the ATM machine screen where you will see this option “Withdrawal”, now if your intentions that very moment is to withdraw, you can simply click on the botton next to the option it will take you to another screen where you willing be asked to select an amount and another option will be given depending on how much you want to withdraw.

All you need do, select the amount and follow the simple instructions as illustrated on the screen to have a successful withdraw of your cash from the ATM machine, and conclusion to this, the withdrawal menu on the ATM machine is simply used in withdrawal of cash.

2. Balance Inquiry:-

According to my own bank ATM machine which I have a screenshot of all the menu from, the next online here is the balance Inquiry. The balance Inquiry menu on the ATM machine helps you or a customer to check your account balance to know how much you have left. People mostly make use of this fast check at times due to delay of alert, at times no alert at all, so for them to get or have that knowledge about their account, they will have to make use of the ATM machine in checking their balance.

In conclusion to ATM machine (Balance Inquiry), it used in checking of customers account balance, that’s the main function of this option on the ATM machine.

3. :- Still on the ATM machine screenshot, either you the left or right hand part, you will see this option”Transfer”. On the ATM machine, this option helps a customer of any bank to transfer funds or money from one bank account to another. Giving it a perfect conclusion, the transfer option in an ATM machine help you to transfer funds safely to another account user in any other bank.

4. Payment:-

Having it all cool, the payment option which pop up on the screen of any ATM machine helps in payment of debt, bills, facilities, and other kinds of payment you can think of. The payment method is most used if your mobile transfer is having issues and you can’t transfer with it, then can make a better second option by locating any close by ATM machine to quickly pay all your debts, bills and others attached to the payment option.

5. Deposit:-

It’s done using the ATM machine, but it have some specific ones that carries out this activities. The deposit part in ATM machine helps you to put cash into your account using the ATM machine quick deposit, just like you going inside the bank to give the cashier the money, making it more simple, the deposit ATM machine was manufactured to help you get it more faster than expected in terms of cash deposit.

6. Recharge:-

On the screen, you will see another beautiful services of the ATM machine such as the “, Recharge”, what is it been us used for. This option is most and best added to the ATM machine to enable user’s recharge directly from their bank account using this method. So in other hand, the recharge option on the ATM machine, is mostly used for airtime top up.

7. Change Pin:-

Exactly what you may want to know, because many have seen this option but haven’t attempt of using it, today we could tell you how it functions and how too. The change Pin option that shows on your ATM machine screen is used in two ways, to change and active new ATM card or to change Pin after been used for long, but it all land in one service used.

Thank you for taking out your precious time to read our today’s article on “Uses Of Those Different Menus On ATM Machine And How To Operate Them”.

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