A Nigerian man has shared a screenshot of the message he received from a debtor who has refused to return his money after four years.

Taking to Twitter, the man identified as Richie disclosed that the debtor owed him money for four years before suddenly becoming unreachable and blocking him to prevent him from asking.

He claimed that when the debtor finally unblocked him, he asked for the money, but he flatly refused to return it and challenged him to do his worst.

From the message he shared, the debtor insisted that he had no plans to refund the money as he also had people who were owing him and had refused to pay.

“I cant give you the money”, the debtor said.

When Richie inquired as to why he was refusing to repay the money he had borrowed, the debtor replied,

“I don't have a lot of people are owing me but I don't act like a lunatic towards them. So I've decided that I'll not give you”.

Sharing the chat, Richie advised his followers to stop lending people money.

According to him, the danger of lending people money is that you tend to lose the friendship and may never get the money back.

“Stop lending money to people. They won't pay you back… When you lend people money, you tend to lose both the money and friendship”. He tweeted.

Read the chat below,

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