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How Telecoms Owners Makes Money From There Businesses, Tax, Issues License & More.
By on October 5th, 2021. CN Research

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For the period of year’s now, you have been using a particle network to make calls, text and do others amazing things, have you asked or seek to know how those things come into manifestation, the tax, their profit & benefits and how the operate all round the country.

The network business has made it so much doing the business, it has much and incredible benefits and more things we want you to understand about this network business.

Apart from the fact that, they’re all making hugely from it, have you thoughts or think of the taxes those companies are paying, well that’s why we are here to discuss and know more.

Do you know that, the networking company are one of the richest and recognized people in any country of World, the business generate trillions of money or funds weekly compare to months and years.

There are offering a quality and affordable services that could each and everyone in the society needs or wants.
You may be imagining how this people make money from this business, but I will like you us to get deep into the understand here so you can have the full idea on how Network companies generate money from their businesses.


1. Call Charges:-

Network owner’s are mighty heavy billionaires or let me say they are generating alot of income from this business.

How do you pay network for making calls, for instance after getting the network sim card, you need to make calls, at this point you will get a recharge card or a top up to carry out this process which you will be charge for reaching out to people or communicate with them since their network. 

That’s means for them to get you connected to the person you want to reach out to, you need to pay for it, in other side it called a pay service.

2. Data Charges:-

The above explanations give it more understand and same thing happened just like making of calls if you want to go on the net or to browse using the any network line for this purpose.

At first you will have to get a top up or better called the “Recharge Card”, load it on the line you want to use in browsing then dail the network code to get a top up of data which you can use to browse around the world with just a click.

The data are converted to cash from their end, this serves as a payment to the services you have requested for.

3. Text:-

With any network, you can either call, browse with data or either text.

The text message part it very simple and easier, all you need do is for you to load a top up or an airtime, on this category you don’t need to convert it to any means, after the top you just divert to your SMS type and send a message.

The text charges are not much, it just 4 naira per text messages, if you are charge higher than that amount just know that your text message, write up or words where much longer than the regular amount.


1. Glo Network:-

The “Glo Network” is owned by Chief Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga Jr, one among the largest telecom company in africa with huge daily delivery and much satisfy services to the public. 

Glocom has served the trend in africa with so much services which allows you to make calls, browse on the net, having a quick meet up or reach out to anywhere in the world with just a second.

2. 9Mobile:-

The network or telecom company was formerly known as “Etisalat” but got a change of name in July 2017 to the present name “9Mobile”.

It’s a Nigerian telecom company operated by Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Ltd. (EMTS).

From 2007, the company has been in operation and rebranding was made to help serve customers in a better position all around africa.

The have a huge and long lasting data which enable the customers to enjoy a whole lot of services from them.

3. Airtel:-

This company has a whole lot of name changed, and according to the online record and a claim by some online medias, the telecom company has changed it name 6 times understand 5 different management, founded on the 7th of July 1995, India.

The present name is “Bharti Airtel”, this name stands under the current management and still maintain and rooting the company up till date.

Airtel serving one, among the best telecom company in Nigeria is a data floating network with a whole lot of daily benefits to the citizens.

4. MTN Telecom:-

Is a pan africa telecommunications company founded in 1994, showing that the company has been in operation for the past 27 year’s, a south africa founded company with operating countries which includes, the Africa And Asia. 

According to the online revive it the 8th used telecom company in the world with about 280 million subscribers of as 2020.

In Nigeria, the are best described or known as the yellow network because if their yellow flashy colour and serving as one, among the richest telecom with the head office in Johannesburg.


I’m every country that all this network are operating, the have some certain amount they are all paying, this is called “TAX”, which goes directly to the government for maintenance of the country economy to enable the network to continue running in that country.

Although, am supposed to tell you how much they’re all paying, but the “TAX” figure is undisclosed, it’s an agreement between the government and the Telecom or network company which they Know how much or exact amounts to pay yearly as tax.

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