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Bureau De Change Business, Tips & The Benefits
By on September 22nd, 2021. CN Research

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On today topic, lets get into a circulating discussion that could bring us more knowledge and experience and expose us to things we may not know and what “Bureau De Change” is all about. 

First, let me brief you about my encounter with a friend who was given a foreign currency (dollar) from his other friend who lives in abroad.

He was actually given the sum of 200 dollar but he has a little knowledge about the currency change and the rate, so he contacted me and I got to know that is was dollar, I had to introduced him to some Bureau De Change persons who helped him in converting it into naira with a good rate. 

Why am I saying all this, lots of people have the knowledge of this exchangers but the truth is, most don’t know where and how they can locate them, that’s was the particular reason my friend had to contact me to put him through, and it was indeed a good idea and and new discovery to him. 

Bureau De Change has made it more easier for anyone to change money from local currency to international one or from international currency to our locally used own, they help you to get quick ride off the thinking to change your money.

Some people do asked, how Bureau De Changers make money in return, I will just smile when ever I hears this question and if I have an opportunity to talk with the person I will just aligning in details to his or her understand how this happened. 


Any where in the world, we recommend Bureau De Changers as one of the richest people because they trade from money changing to other.

For example the current rate of dollar now is 560 in Nigeria I don’t know about others place, the changer will buy it from you at the rate of 535 and resell back to the market ground maybe for the rate of 600 in Nigerian naira, now calculate how much he made from the selling and how much he bought it from the seller and see that in the business he is gaining or profiting massively. 

That’s for the “Dollar”, we have different world currency that this people in particular deal with and with such, a lots of them have been able to make so much money from the business. 

In Nigeria, we have some famous and different Bureau De Change, why is this become circular is because is a recommend and legal businesses that if you eventually investing inside, it will end up fetching a lots of income due to the fast and quick rate that the currency having.

The have different dimensions of earning, some of them apart from hard currency, many of them buy and on-line money like Paypal, Webmoney, Pioneer and so many others that you can possibly mentioned. 

Buying of paypal is same thing like the dollar, how?.

If you have the total worth of paypal $500, the rates is always below that of dollar because it a hard currency while paypal is soft currency mostly used in trading online, like buying and selling and the rest of it.

If a changer is buying from you, he may buy from the rate of 450, because the transfer and selling has charges apply to it. 

Although recently, I was having about $300 paypal which I sold it $430 each, the changer after our discussion said that’s the rates he buy, the more or higher you have the more he have increased of price to suit you the seller too.

And definitely he is making much from the business, after buying in 430 as his own rate, he will then resell to a huge distributor who will buy it for more higher price, this is where and how the changers make there income from. 

Another of it, is “Webmoney”, which the price is totally different from that of paypal but not compare to dollar because it a hard currency and it has a higher selling compare to the rest which I mentioned here. I think the Webmoney selling is more higher compare to paypal, while looking at things from the other side, the changer make s quick sell from the Webmoney, not as if paypal is not selling but it depends on the current rates, although am saying from my experience here in Nigeria, I currently I don’t know about how others state are doing or countries are doing. 


It’s a simple selling business but at same time you need to be very careful because it’s a money or funds transaction business so you won’t have a great lost. Starting the business has to do with a huge amount of money, at least 100 million naira for a start. 

If you start with little capital and it happens you have a huge requirement from a customer which could skyrocket your profile too, how are you going to face this challenge, you know the point of serving customers best in a business is a fantastic way of making them to stay, believe in you and other wise telling them you know what you are doing. 

Yes, it’s lies in two ways you can borrow a huge amount from the bank to start this business if you have good collateral, bank may require much because it a huge deal and a monetary situation that need to be dealt with carefully.

The benefits of doing this business is that, you will earn hugely from the business, most especially this very period of time that here in Nigeria, 1 dollar is selling at the rate of 555-560 in naira. 

Coming to a better conclusion, Bureau De Bureau De Change Business, Tips & The Benefits, is a business that would recommend to any of our capable viewer to start in 2022.

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